Life stage transition assistance

At ICS we believe the most important part of support for Clients is making sure they are well informed and supported through a range of life stages.

ICS will apply both short and long term support plan that assist participant to transition in their life stages, thus to become equipped with capacity building and able to live independently.

ICS is aware that life journey of an individual takes many pathways. ICS will work relentlessly to support and coordinate participants needing life stage transition with other service providers to build stronger and reliable support networks for their peace of mind. ICS will support this transition from childhood to adulthood.

Assistance to participate in the community

ICS is a service that connects individuals with community groups and recreational activities based on their personal interests, preferences, and goals.

The aim being to promote active community engagement as a way for people to stay focused, achieve goals, and build connections.

ICS tailors individual support plans that include accessible, physically, mentally, and socially stimulating activities for each participant.

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Assistance with daily living tasks and shared living

ICS: Empowering Participants with Disabilities Through Daily Living and Shared Living Skills

ICS helps individuals with disabilities achieve independence and fulfillment by providing comprehensive support in two key areas:

Daily Living Skills:

  • Personal care: Manage daily routines like bathing, dressing, and medication.
  • Meal preparation: Plan, shop, cook, and clean up for nutritious meals.
  • Domestic tasks: Keep your home organized and tidy with housekeeping, laundry, and budgeting.
  • Mobility and transportation: Navigate your community confidently through public transport, driving, or other means.
  • Communication and socialization: Develop social skills, build relationships, and advocate for your needs.
  • Emotional and mental wellbeing: Manage stress, practice mindfulness, and build resilience.

Shared Living Skills:

  • Communication and conflict resolution: Communicate effectively, express yourself assertively, and resolve disagreements peacefully.
  • Household management: Share chores, maintain common spaces, and respect house rules.
  • Financial management: Manage your budget, pay bills, and save responsibly.
  • Planning and decision-making: Share responsibilities, plan activities, and make joint decisions effectively.
  • Maintaining personal space and boundaries: Respect privacy, set healthy boundaries, and communicate your needs clearly.

Benefits for Participants:

  • Increased independence: Manage daily life with confidence and reduced reliance on others.
  • Improved quality of life: Enjoy meaningful activities, build relationships, and participate in your community.
  • Enhanced life skills: Develop practical skills for budgeting, time management, and more.
  • Greater community inclusion: Access resources, participate in social activities, and build supportive networks.
  • Reduced dependence on others: Foster self-reliance and reduce reliance on caregivers.
  • Improved mental and emotional wellbeing: Experience increased confidence, reduced stress, and greater control over your life.
  • Greater opportunities for shared living: Develop skills necessary for successful shared living arrangements.

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Life skills development

Unlocking Independence and Potential with ICS
At ICS, we empower individuals to live fulfilling and independent lives. We believe everyone, regardless of ability, deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Approach:

  • Personalised training: We tailor our program to each client’s unique needs and goals, covering essential life skills like daily living tasks, community engagement, and social activities.
  • Supportive community: We provide resources and guidance to both individuals and their support systems, fostering a collaborative approach to skill development.
  • Expert partnerships: We partner with leading agencies to offer comprehensive training and knowledge, ensuring access to the most effective tools.

Our Impact:

Through our multifaceted approach, ICS equips individuals with the skills and confidence they need to:

  • Live independently
  • Achieve their goals
  • Maximise their potential
  • Enjoy a fulfilling quality of life
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Group activities

Enjoying Life and Building Connections at ICS

At ICS, we believe in helping our clients live fulfilling lives filled with fun, friends, and personal growth. That’s why we ask questions like “What are your interests?” and “What would you like to do with your time?” – we want to understand what truly matters to you.

We offer a variety of group activities, social events, and recreational opportunities tailored to your individual interests and goals. These activities are designed to bring you joy, connect you with others, and help you develop new skills.

Whether you want to learn a new hobby, meet new friends, or simply have a good time, ICS has something for you. We’re here to help you live life to the fullest!

Support with household tasks

Clean, Safe, and Supported at Home with ICS

At ICS, we believe everyone deserves to live in a clean, safe, and violence-free environment. That’s why we offer a range of in-home support services to help you maintain your independence and well-being.

Our Services:

  • Laundry and housekeeping: Keep your home tidy and comfortable with our cleaning and laundry assistance.
  • Meal preparation and delivery: Enjoy nutritious meals prepared just for you, delivered right to your door.
  • Personal care: Get help with showering, dressing, and other daily tasks.
  • Shopping and errands: We can assist you with shopping, banking, and other errands.
  • Home maintenance: We can help with minor repairs and yard work.
  • Specialized equipment: We can train you on using specialized equipment to make your daily life easier.
  • Group training: Learn valuable domestic skills in a supportive group setting.
  • Flexible support: We tailor our services to your individual needs and preferences.

Our Goal:

We want you to feel safe, comfortable, and independent in your own home. With ICS, you can get the support you need to live your life to the fullest.

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Coordinating support

Stress-Free NDIS Support with ICS

Navigating the NDIS can be overwhelming, but ICS is here to help. We offer comprehensive support coordination, taking care of everything from finding the right providers to managing your plan budget.

Here’s how we assist:

  • Accompany you to NDIS meetings
  • Consider your individual needs
  • Seek out the best support options
  • Compare quotes and find the best value
  • Manage your medical records and NDIS paperwork
  • Monitor your plan budget and report to the NDIS
  • Help you get the most out of your plan review

We cover all three tiers of support coordination:

  • Support connection: Helps you connect with NDIS and community services.
  • Support coordination: Provides tailored support and manages your plan.
  • Specialist support coordination: Offers high-level support for complex needs.

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Housing & Accommodation Choices

ICS specialises in 24/7 support, by providing flexible housing and accommodation choices tailored to participant goals and budget.
Short Term
Medium Term
Short Term
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